[Photoshop]: Learn to Create Brown Vintage Sunbeam Background


Today we are going to create a nice looking Vintage Sunbeam background using grunge textures and sun rays on it. learn to make it as well as use it in your retro style graphics.

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Tutorial Assets
The following assets were used during the production of this tutorial.


Step 1.

Open a new document of 1280 x 1024 px, then create a new layer and fill it with any color.

Step 2.

Now Go to Layers and open blending options of that layer and apply the given gradient with brown shades.

Now you will have something like this, if you applied the exact above colors

Step 3.

Now create a new layer and go to photoshop default shapes and find the “Registration Target 2″ then make it in your document and fill it with #B36e33

Step 4.

Now Go to Layers palette and change this layer’s mode to Multiply as shown

Now its looking much better

Step 5.

Now Download the Texture1 and Texture2 from the top and drag into the Document one by one.

Step 6.

Simply go to layers palette and Change its blending mode to Soft Light as shown

Now thats what you have after applying 1st texture

Step 7.

Similarly previous step add another texture into our document to make it look more grungy

Step 8.

Now change its blending mode to Soft Light and also decrease its Opacity to 30% as shown

We are done have a look at our Final Image

Click here to View in Full Size

i hope you have enjoyed learning this tutorial & this technique have inspired some new thoughts and ideas for your next design too.


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